The title is derived from kairos, which is a Greek word for “time”. Not to be confused with linear time, chronos, a kairos moment is considered a moment of significance or supremacy; an opportunity to observe, learn, apply, & grow. The 8 songs from KAIROLOGY are inspired by kairos moments the artist has experienced early in life.  The whole concept came out of Aaron’s desire to A. Express moments of revelation, B. Inspire listeners to study their own moments of significance, and C. Entertain people in the process. 


   Eddie Swann – KAIROLOGY was recorded at Swann’s Regal Media Studios in Mills River, NC. Eddie has been a long-time friend and mentor for Aaron LaFalce. He’s had a long and successful career being a part of many notable projects including David Wilcox’s Nightshift Watchman.
   Tony Creasman- Tony is a highly sought-after session drummer who played on Willie Nelson’s 2012 release Heroes as well as KAIROLOGY.
   Shannon Whitworth – Featured in American Songwriter Magazine and played in Starbucks stores worldwide. She lends her smooth, Southern pipes to the track "Don't Give Up".

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All songs written by Aaron LaFalce.
Recorded and mixed by Eddie Swann at Regal Media Studios, Mills River, NC
Mastered by Michael Hynes at Nomatic Studio, Asheville, NC
Produced by Aaron LaFalce
Photography by Kelly Giezentanner kgphotographs
Graphic artwork by Daniel Myer
Girl's Best Friend (Space Girl)
Aaron LaFalce – vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Tony Creasman – drums & percussion

Black Widow Lover
Aaron LaFalce – vocals, keys, guitars
Mark McDaniel – bass
Tony Creasman – drums

Aaron LaFalce – vocals & piano  
Played in Eddie’s living room on a Schiller Piano built in Conover Square, Oregon, Illinois in 1929

Don't Give Up
Aaron LaFalce – vocals, guitar, piano
Shannon Whitworth – vocals
David Johnson – cello

Aaron LaFalce – vocals, piano, guitars
Robert Williams – saxophone
Mark McDaniel – bass
Tony Creasman – drums

Slide On
Aaron LaFalce – vocal & guitar

Aaron LaFalce – vocals, guitar, piano
Mark McDaniel – fretless & fretted bass
Tony Creasman – drums & percussion

Aaron LaFalce – vocals, guitar, piano, hand claps
Nick Chandler – mandolin
Mark McDaniel – bass
Tony Creasman – drums