Girl’s Best Friend (Space Girl)
By Aaron C. LaFalce
In a city out in space
There’s a girl with a face
As sad as anything you’ve seen
And she tries to hide it from
Her reflection in the sun
But it’s hard to navigate a dream
When she’s bored she hesitates
Throwing pennies in a lake
That’s dark enough to swallow the light
Now she’s sipping on her wine
That’s the color of the sky
When the day is melting into night
Listen closely don’t let go
I won’t leave you all alone
‘Cause I know right now
You need someone
I’ll put a ring around your world
Like a halo on you girl
And hold it with nothing else
But the hand
Of a girl’s best friend
All the shadows from her past
Follow quickly as they cast
A memory that’s covered her lips
And she just might suffocate
In a vacuum of her fate
And end up in a total eclipse
Hope that she can recognize
All the comets in the skies
And avoid the certain doom of her world
While I do all that I can
To be a compass in the hand
Of the lonely space girl