Black Widow Lover
By Aaron C. LaFalce
Miss Jenkins is a widow
Hiding at the end of Willow Avenue
The kind of lover has you over
And she is so glad having you
Rumor has it she was married
But he never got her satisfied
And every suitor to pursue her
Never makes is back home to tell us why

The papers all read she was guilty
Found him with another, the black widow lover
Spun up a web so deceiving
The jury hung under the black widow lover
She’s got an hour glass body
That she uses to pass the time
And when she’s feeling kind of empty
That’s when she’ll drop you a line
Makes you wanna think about
The way she’s gonna tie you down
She’ll have her way all night and day
But then tomorrow, you won’t be around
A silky bed can turn your head
But you’ll lose it if you don’t use it now
Miss Jenkins got a poison and she’s toyin’
With an hour glass that don’t run out